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4 Powerful Ways to Treat Oily Skin Right Now

July 19, 2018

Oily skin is often problematic. From the greasy feeling to acne and bacteria, it can clog up your pores and leave your skin anything but glowing. What most people don’t know, is that oily skin can be caused by low estrogen, high testosterone, large pores, sun damage, PCOS, and genetics.

We offer a variety of solutions for each of these issues, but today I’m here to talk about how you can start treating your oily skin through a proper skin care routine.

By: Kaitlyn, NP


1. Always use a cleanser

Bacteria accumulates quickly on our faces throughout the day. Unfortunately for our skin, it can easily be transferred from our hands, unclean makeup brushes, phones, pillowcases, etc.

We create even more problems for our skin when don’t take care of our oily skin before bed, or we fall asleep with makeup on. This allows the bacteria to harbor on your skin all night, which can spread to your pillowcase too.

Cleansing your skin allows it to breathe. This is a must for everyone, but people with oily skin will find the cleanser helps combat the oiliness. People with dry skin should try a cleansing lotion, which will clean your skin and provide much-needed hydration. Which brings us to my next point…

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

If you don’t hydrate, your skin will attempt to hydrate itself by overproducing oil. My favorite product for oily skin issues is Revision Skin care’s Hydrating Serum. For dry, aged skin, I recommend SkinBetter’s Hydration Boosting Cream.


I’ve said it before, but it always bears repeating: wear sunscreen! Sun damage causes pores to be larger, as well as age spots to appear. It’s as simple as protecting your skin from UV damage.

If you have large pores that are problematic, you can try one of these three treatments to shrink them:

  • HydraFacial – indulge in a monthly treatment to gradually shrink pores
  • Vi Peel – a face peel every 3-4 months can not only help with pores, but it’ll help control breakouts too
  • BBL Acne – a series of BroadBand Light (BBL) treatments can zap away the bacteria that lingers in your pores from day-to-day activities

4. Invest in quality acne treatment products

Our best product line to fight acne and oily skin is ZO SkinHealth. Founded by the famed dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi, their toner pads, topical Aknetrol (10% benzoyl peroxide), and sulfur masque are amazing.


To help your skin stay extra clear, try these fast tips:

  • Don’t touch your face – this transfers oils to your pores
  • Wash your pillowcases frequently
  • Use cleansing towelettes to wipe down your cell phone (I like these ones)
  • Stay away from heavy liquid foundations – opt for a tinted moisturizer like Revision Skincare’s Matte Intellishade


In addition to the daily steps you can take to treat your oily skin, you can also use monthly or quarterly spa trips to help cleanse and hydrate. If you’d like a free consultation on your skin care issues, please call us at 513-791-9474. We would love to help you get your summer glow on!