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5 Ways Microneedling Clears Your Skin

May 17, 2018

Microneedling is one of those treatments that looks scarier than it really is. Many people get caught up on the thought of needles and a bloody face, but it is actually one of the best treatments to clear up your skin for a healthy glow.

By: Kaitlyn, NP


How Does Microneedling Work?

It works by creating micro-injuries in your skin that stimulate self-repair through collagen synthesis (the main structural protein in your skin). I talk about it in this step-by-step video – so go check it out!

What Does Microneedling Help With?

1. Large Pores

Large pores are caused by genetics and sun damage, and are one of the bigger concerns I hear in aesthetics. Microneedling, chemical peels, and BBL treatments are great combination therapies to decrease pore size and improve tone and texture. I also recommend adding in ZO’s Pore Refiner with Microneedling for best results.

2. Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Lines and wrinkles develop through a loss of collagen and repeated movements of your facial muscles. Microneedling is perfect for the fine lines we develop around the mouth and eyes, especially when combined with muscle relaxers like Botox and Dysport.

3. Pigmentation

Microneedling improves pigmentation (birthmarks, age spots, sun spots/freckles), because we infuse serums like Vitamin C to brighten the skin. Your skin is more likely to absorb these serums better due to the micro-injuries (tiny holes) on the surface.

4. Acne Scars

While we can’t microneedle over active breakouts, microneedling does help improve the appearance of white, red, and purple scars from acne. The new collagen synthesis helps reduce the appearance by creating new skin cells around the scar.

5. Puffy Eye Bags

Puffy undereyes form from a collection of fluid. They can develop from lack of sleep, genetics, alcohol intake, etc. Microneedling these bags helps diffuse the fluid so it doesn’t collect and pool in one area.

What About Dermal Rolling?

There is a common misconception that dermal rolling at home gives you the same results as an in-office microneedling treatments. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. There tend to be 3 main issues:

  1. When people dermal roll at home, their devices and skin aren’t as clean as they need to be to get the best results. Even the smallest amount of makeup or bacteria can cause skin irritation or breakout with dermal rolling.
  2. It’s crucial to use the correct products on the skin after dermal rolling. It’s not good to use thick creams – stick to lighter serums.
  3. “Home” dermal rollers are only made to penetrate 0.5mm in the skin. In our office, we penetrate to 2.0-2.5mm during treatments for greater results.

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