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7 Dermaplaning Secrets that No One Told You About

December 17, 2018

Dermaplaning is one of those best-kept secrets that many women love, but few talk about. Lucky for you, I’m here to let you in on my favorite treatment.

By: Alison, LE


7  dermaplaning secrets that no one told you about

  1. It removes peach fuzz, leaving you with silky-smooth skin.
  2. Your skincare products and makeup will glide on easier and more evenly.
  3. Your dry, flaky winter skin will thank you because dermaplaning is a great exfoliation treatment.
  4. Speaking of exfoliation, it removes dead cells and trapped, dirt, oil, and makeup for a healthier complexion.
  5. Dermplaning encourages skin cell turnover and growth so your skin tone will be more radiant than ever.
  6. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how repeated sessions will improve the appearance of any scars and fine lines.
  7. It’s the safest exfoliation treatment for moms who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Interested in trying it out? I offer complimentary skincare consultations that you can book by calling 513-791-9474. Want to know more? Check out this great dermaplaning blog post for more information!