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Can Broadband Light Treatment Improve Signs of Aging?

January 19, 2023

Does BBL make you look younger? What does BBL do for the skin? Broadband Light, also known as BBL, is a treatment that utilizes light energy to treat a variety of skin issues. Common issues that we target with BBL here in Cincinnati include brown pigmentation, redness, and vascular changes such as those seen with rosacea and acne. There have also been studies that looked at the impact of light energy on our skin cells.  BBL has been shown to have rejuvenating benefits on our skin.

By: Kristin Gaskins, NP


Can BBL Help Treat Redness and Rosacea? 

One of the most common utilizations of BBL treatments is for redness in the skin. This could be related to rosacea, telangiectasias (small visible vessels), or even post-inflammatory redness.  The heat from the light clamps the vessels down and diverts the blood elsewhere. This improves the appearance of small vessels and general redness from rosacea. Typically, 3-4 treatments are indicated initially when treating rosacea, and then it is recommended to do 1-2 treatments per year for maintenance.

BBL Treatments for Brown Spots or Pigment  

BBL can also treat unwanted brown pigment on this skin. This can include freckles, sun spots, and scarring. After the treatment, the pigment will actually appear darker and have a slight texture, similar to fine coffee grounds.  This will then slowly flake off the face over 7-14 days. It is important to understand the limitations of BBL.  The light is only able to penetrate to a certain depth in the skin.  If the spot is very dark and goes deeper in the skin, BBL may only be able to lighten it. This is where VISIA images are very helpful– and why we require them prior to any light or laser treatment. VISIA images allow us to look at superficial pigment, deeper UV damage, as well as redness.

Does BBL Help With Acne?

Active acne, as well as certain types of acne scarring– specifically post-inflammatory erythema and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation– can also be treated with BBL. Different filters allow us to target different layers in the skin including superficial acne-causing bacteria, and inflammation of current and healing acne lesions.

While we can definitely treat acne with BBL treatments, we should seek to avoid it in the first place (when possible). Check out our blog here with tips for preventing acne!

Before and after image of an older woman's face after receiving a treatment

Does BBL Make You Look Younger? 

As mentioned above, there have been studies conducted that show the rejuvenating effects of broadband light treatment. Many seek out broadband light treatment for anti-aging purposes. Samples of treated skin were compared under microscope to samples of untreated skin. The treated skin showed less fine wrinkles, more organized collagen, and decreased brown and red pigmentation. In addition to looking at the skin samples under the microscope, they also looked at gene expression and what they found was that BBL treatment promotes gene expression patterns of younger skin.

What does this mean for you as a patient? That BBL not only produces a more clinically “youthful” appearance of the skin, but also “rejuvenation” at the molecular level.

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How Often Can You Get BBL Treatments? When Is The Best Time? 

BBL needs to be performed when there is no tan on the skin– this includes natural or sunless tanners, making late fall, winter, and early spring the best times to schedule.  The number of treatments required and the frequency of treatments will vary person-to-person. Oftentimes we will recommend anywhere from 2-4 initially and then 1-2 treatments annually for maintenance.  Again, this is determined based on your individual skin and your goals.

See what a BBL treatment looks like here!


Interested in learning more about BBL or seeing if it is the right treatment for you? Call our office at (5130-984-2000 to schedule a complimentary skin consultation with one of our providers here in Cincinnati. We will be able to take VISIA images of your skin, assess your goals and see how we can best reach those goals together.

BBL is a great anti-aging treatment, but also great for addressing many other skin concerns. Learn more about BBL in Cincinnati (as well as pricing) by visiting our treatment page.