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Dysport vs. Botox: Understanding the Differences in Wrinkle Reduction 

May 20, 2024

Stuck in the decision of Dysport vs. Botox? Both have become popular treatments in helping to achieve smooth and youthful looking skin. Both treatments offer effective solutions for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, but they differ in several key aspects, including formulation, onset of action, and diffusion. Understanding these differences can help individuals make informed decisions about which treatment may be best suited to their needs and preferences. 

By: Atalo Aesthetics

A box of Botox with a box of Dysport leaning against it

What are Dysport and Botox? 

Dysport and Botox are both neurotoxin injectables derived from botulinum toxin type A. They temporarily paralyze the muscles responsible for causing wrinkles and lines, smoothing the skin’s appearance. While they share a common mechanism of action, they are formulated slightly differently, which can lead to variations in their effectiveness and characteristics. 

Formulation and Composition 

One of the primary differences between Dysport and Botox lies in their formulation and composition. Dysport contains smaller molecules of botulinum toxin type A than Botox, meaning Dysport units are measured differently. As a result, the dosing for Dysport may differ from that of Botox, and individuals may require a different number of units to achieve the desired results. At Atalo Aesthetics, we care for this part and make these molecules act more similarly; therefore, your dosing will be the same for either toxin.  

Onset of Action 

Another key difference between Dysport and Botox is the speed at which they take effect. Dysport typically has a faster onset of action compared to Botox, with results becoming noticeable within 2 to 3 days after treatment, whereas Botox may take 4 to 7 days for results to become apparent. This difference in onset time may influence the timing of treatments for individuals seeking more immediate results. We do recommend waiting two full weeks for full result of either treatment. 

Diffusion and Spread 

The diffusion and spread of Dysport and Botox within the treatment area also vary, albeit subtly. Some practitioners believe that Dysport has a slightly broader diffusion compared to Botox, which could potentially allow for a more natural-looking outcome in larger treatment areas. However, this difference is often negligible and may not be a significant factor for most individuals considering treatment. 

Duration of Results 

While both Dysport and Botox provide temporary wrinkle reduction, the duration of their effects may vary slightly. In general, Dysport may last slightly longer than Botox for some individuals, with results typically lasting around four months compared to Botox’s 3 to 4 months. However, individual responses to treatment can vary, and factors such as metabolism, muscle activity, and dosage may influence the longevity of results. 

Atalo Aesthetics employee wearing black scrubs and holding a Botox vial

Cost Considerations 

Cost can also be a factor for individuals considering Dysport vs. Botox treatments. Ultimately, the total cost of treatment will depend on factors such as the number of units required, the injector’s expertise, and the practice’s geographic location. At Atalo, Botox is $13/unit, and Dysport is $12/unit.  

Post-Treatment Instructions 

After your treatment, you will receive post-treatment instructions. These instructions include the following:  

For the remainder of the day, DO NOT exercise, take long walks, touch/apply pressure/massage the treated area, wear hats or shower/swimming caps, wash or blow dry hair upside down, or lie down or lean forward for an extended amount of time.   

Warning: Moderate swelling immediately post-treatment is normal. 

Which Treatment Is Right for You? 

Choosing between Dysport and Botox ultimately comes down to individual preferences, goals, and expectations. Some individuals may prefer the faster onset of Dysport or the potentially longer duration of its effects, while others may opt for the tried-and-true reputation of Botox or the perceived advantages of its formulation. 

It’s essential to consult with one of our qualified and experienced injectors who can assess your unique anatomy, discuss your goals, and recommend the most suitable treatment option for you. Still not sure which to choose in the decision of Dysport vs. Botox? Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation with us here at Atalo Aesthetics in Cincinnati, Ohio!


In the world of cosmetic injectables, Dysport and Botox stand out as two popular options for wrinkle reduction. While they share a common goal of smoothing out lines and wrinkles, they differ in formulation, onset of action, diffusion, and duration of results. By understanding these differences and consulting with our practitioners, individuals can make informed decisions about which treatment may best align with their needs and preferences. Whether you choose Dysport or Botox, the goal remains the same: to achieve a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance and feel confident in your skin.