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How to Cheat Aging with Botox & Simple Skin Care

August 6, 2018

Women (and men) come in waves during the hot summer months to fix sun damage and fight their wrinkles and lines. The question is simple: how can I cheat aging and look young longer? The answer is simple skin care. Let’s break it down.

By: Kaitlyn, NP


The types of wrinkles matter

There are two types of wrinkles:

  • Static wrinkles and lines form from sleeping on your side, sun damage, and a loss of collagen. These are best treated with skin care products and dermal filler.

    • Expressive lines form from muscle movements. If we perform the same expressions enough times, the wrinkles will become static. The best way to combat expressive lines is with botox.

    Simple skin care is the best prevention

    Good skin care – especially if you start young – can help delay the need for botox. When the skin is dry or in the sun without protection, wrinkles form easier. Quality moisturizers and hydrators can help keep your skin youthful and glowing. One caveat: don’t over-moisturize either, as it can slowly teach your skin that it doesn’t need to produce any natural moisture on its own.

    Botox reverses light wrinkles

    Botox (or Dysport – same thing, different brand) is injected into specific muscles to temporarily weaken them. As the muscles relax, your facial lines are improved. It takes less than 30 minutes, requires no downtime, and does not freeze your face.

    My wrinkle-fighting favorites

    As a certified MedSpa Nurse Practitioner, I continue to explore the latest in education, research, and clinical studies to bring the best of the best to Your Wellness Center. My personal favorites from SkinBetter and ZO Skin Health include:

    1. SkinBetter Interfuse LINES – it’s like filler in a bottle
    2. SkinBetter Interfuse FACE – firms the feel of your face for a more lifted look
    3. ZO HydraFirm Eye Cream – designed to minimize lines and dark circles
    4. ZO Growth Factor Serum – reduces lines and restores hydration

    Additional treatments

    Are you hesitant about trying botox? I highly recommend you watch this video where I break down how botox works. If that doesn’t convince you, we do offer other treatments that can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, including: healthy sunscreen, proper skin care products with peptides, dermal filler, face peels, and microneedling. In fact, I just wrote a 2018 skin care roundup post, so go check it out!

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