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Summer Skin: Changes to Expect & Our Favorite Treatment

April 15, 2022

While it may only be Spring now, it’s important to stay ahead of the transition into Summer—and with it, some unwelcome changes to the skin. I am going to give you a quick rundown on why facials are crucial for your summer skin and why the HydraFacial should absolutely be a part of your regimen. Let’s jump in!

By: Alison, Licensed Esthetician


How Summer Changes and Affects Your Skin

While the Summer brings a lot to be excited about, we’re often less excited about the new changes to our skin. It can be hard to maintain a strong and healthy skin barrier with all of that heat and humidity. It can really take a toll on your complexion. Here are some of the changes you might see to your skin during the summer:

  • Oily Skin, More Breakouts: The heat and sun can really kick those sebaceous glands (aka what makes you sweat) into high gear, causing your skin to become more oilier. This in turn can lead to more of those pesky breakouts.
  • Dry, Dull Skin: For those not in areas with low humidity, you may find your skin is drying out a lot faster, leaving you with a somewhat dull complexion. Your skin is lacking that natural moisture and hydration (think of how dry your skin gets while on an airplane, it’s the same idea). Also be wary of extended exposure to chlorine if you plan to swim quite a lot—it can also dry out the skin.
  • Heat Can Trigger Redness: Anyone who struggle with skin conditions like rosacea, melasma, and even eczema may see their symptoms worsen in the summer. Extended sun exposure can cause your skin to overheat and trigger any unwelcome redness in the skin.
  • Increased Sweat and Bacteria: Again, you’re more likely to sweat during the summer months and along with that comes more bacteria. Bacteria loves humidity and combined with that excess sweat you may find yourself breaking out more often. It’s important to wipe sweat away or wash your face/body sooner rather than later to avoid excess breakouts and clogged pores.

Protect and Hydrate Your Skin in the Summer

Now you’re probably wondering—how do I stand a fighting chance against these changes? Here are some ways to protect your skin against the sun and maintain a healthy, summer glow:

  • Always, always apply SPF! That means every single day. Those UV rays can cause not only immediate damage to the skin, but long-lasting effects as well (both on the surface and underneath). It’s easier to prevent skin damage than repair it
  • Again, be aware of how much sweat your body is producing. Wash your face and/or shower immediately after workouts or long walks that cause you to break a sweat. You want to maintain control over the bacteria creeping into those pores.
  • Maintain a good summer skincare regimen. That means a cleansing face wash, high-quality moisturizer, some kind of Vitamin C (to fight those damaging free radicals), and then a mineral or physical SPF (avoid chemical). These 4 basic steps will keep your skin not only protected, but hydrated and glowing as well—all summer long.
  • Stay on top of your facial treatments! These can provide incredibly hydrating benefits and give your skin a much-needed boost in fighting back against that heat and humidity.

On the note of facials, let’s talk about our favorite summertime treatment and why it’s an absolute must for your skincare regimen.

Image of a hydrafacial applicator tool with a blurry employee and computer screen in the background

Our Favorite Summer Treatment: The HydraFacial

Here at Atalo, HydraFacials are most definitely our most popular treatment and it’s not hard to see why. We also just happen to be a black diamond status provider (in case you hadn’t heard)! What does that mean exactly? Basically that we LOVE HydraFacials and do them all the time!

The best part about the Hydrafacial is that it doesn’t have a skin type—any skin condition can be addressed with this one, amazing facial. 

Hydrafacials are done with a multi-step process:

  1. Deep Cleanse and Exfoliation.
  2. Mini-Peel (to break down dead skin, dirt, oil, and debris) 
  3. Extractions: This step kicks up the suction from the machine to really clean out those pores, but I also offer manual extractions for those deeper pesky ones.
  4. Infusion: Hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins (aka liquid gold) all get infused into your now clean and healthy skin. It’s what gives you that signature HydraFacial glow!

How often should you get a Hydrafacial?

Technically, every 4-6 weeks is recommended! Yes, even in the summer months. Most of us travel, whether in the car for extended periods of time or in an airplane where the air is dry (which wreaks havoc on our skin). It’s hard to maintain that skincare routine 100% of the time—trust us, we get it! Let’s not forget the sun-bathing beauties, who wear their SPF, and SHOULD be reapplying.

Again, while the sun is out and the weather warms us, we start to produce more sebum (oil). We do not want this stuff constantly hanging out on our skin. That’s why I tell my patients, that when they return from a trip, come see me right after and we can hit a little reset button on their skin with the HydraFacial! We’ll clean the skin, get rid of that built-up dirt/oil/dead skin, clear out those pores, and then hydrate the skin back up for that finishing glow.

Something to note: You can not get a facial with burnt or compromised skin—so remember to keep that SPF on at all times, every day! 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call the office! 513 791-9474 ext. 2. You can also fill out our appointment form to set up a free consultation or schedule your first HydraFacial! We’re here to help and hope to see you soon.