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The Top 5 Dermaplaning Myths—Debunked!

October 31, 2022

Dermaplaning is one of our most popular treatments here at Atalo Aesthetics. It’s a quick and easy treatment that gets rid of any unwanted dead skin and peach fuzz. This lets your skincare products not only apply more easily, but also work deeper into the skin for better results. We love Dermaplaning here in our practice, but we know that some may be hesitant to try it with a few of the myths out there surrounding the treatment.

We’re going to debunk the Top 5 dermaplaning myths to show you why you have nothing to be afraid of. Plus, why you should definitely be incorporating it in your skincare treatment plan!

By: Alison, Licensed Esthetician


1. Dermaplane is painful 

Many people actually dermaplaning is relaxing! A dermaplane treatment removes dead skin cells, along with vellus hair, by using a 10D blade. Most other ways of removing hair, such as waxing, threading, or sugaring, can be extremely painful.  

2. Peach fuzz will grow back thicker & darker

Let’s take care of this myth once and for all; it is biologically impossible for hair to grow back thicker or darker due to shaving. I always tell people who are nervous: when the hair starts to poke back through the skin it will feel “funny” this is because when the hair follicle is coming out its at a very blunt edge.

In a couple of days, the hair follicle bends and creates the same soft hair that was previously there. After a dermaplane, your skin will be brighter and feel refreshed. Hair growth cycles always differ, but typically anywhere between 2-4 weeks you are able to set another appointment. 

3. Getting a dermaplane will cause breakouts 

Like most exfoliation treatments, dermaplaning helps actually prevent breakouts rather than cause them! While dermaplaning cannot be preformed on active acne, it helps prevent clogged pores by removing dead skin cells from getting trapped inside your pores. The less dead skin that you have, the less likely you are to get acne. By getting a dermaplane, you are helping your at-home skin care products become more effective by allowing that product to penetrate the skin even deeper.

side by side photos of a dermaplaning tool

4. An at-home dermaplane is the same as in-office treatment 

The short answer? Not even close. Most people buy tinkle razors off of amazon, but those are only taking off the hair. They also have bumpers so it doesn’t remove any dead skin, which is a key part of the treatment.

Not to mention, you are not getting the treatment done by a trained professional. While some at-home skincare treatments are safe and effective, dermaplaning is one that should be left in the hands of your skincare provider. They’ll be able to help you achiever better, more accurate results.

In addition to all dermaplaning treatments being performed in-office with medical grade products, we also highly recommend a consistent, at-home skincare routine between treatments.

Dermaplaning is a great summer skincare treatment! Try pairing it with our HydraFacial for a glow that truly cannot be beat.  

5. Dermaplaning is not safe for all skin tones 

This is a big dermaplaning myth, but actually—this treatment is great for ALL skin tones! It is a form of manual exfoliation, but unlike scrubs, it doesn’t cause any micro-abrasions in the skin. Therefore, it won’t cause any kind of hyperpigmentation issues.

It’s known to be the safest form of exfoliation methods because it instantly removes the baby hair that can make skin look duller than it naturally is.


We hope that by debunking these dermaplaning myths, we’ve helped to paint a better (and more accurate) picture of the treatment! If you’re looking to give it a try or inquire about scheduling, fill out our appointment form here. One of our staff will then be in touch to get you scheduled!

We also offer complimentary skincare consultations if you’re new to treatments or skincare in general and not sure where to begin. You’ll sit down with one of our skincare providers after taking a few photos with our VISIA Facial Analysis System. This is to more accurately asses any problem areas or underlying concerns. From there, they’ll answer any questions you might have and set you up with an ideal skincare product and treatment plan. One that’s suited to your unique skin type!