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What is the Difference between BBL & BBL Hero?

August 15, 2023

You may have started seeing BBL Hero offered as a treatment in place of traditional BBL and then ask yourself—what’s the difference between BBL & BBL Hero? Here’s a quick and simple breakdown of the differences and why we chose to upgrade to BBL Hero.

By: Kristin Gaskins, NP


What is BBL?

BBL stands for Broadband light. It is a treatment that uses light energy to penetrate the skin and go after different components of the skin. This includes vessels, brown spots, and even acne-causing bacteria. These treatments have also been shown to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. 

I broke down all the benefits of BBL on our YouTube channel! Click here to watch that.

photo of the side of the bbl hero tool, displaying the bbl logo

What is BBL Hero & What Makes It Better Than Traditional BBL?

BBL Hero is the latest technology from Sciton, the maker of BBL and BBL Hero.  “HERO” stands for High Energy Rapid Output. It allows your provider to perform a treatment at 4x the speed, with 3x the peak power, and 2x the cooling. Passes are performed in motion versus a typical stamping technique. This means a faster treatment with increased comfort.  

A typical corrective treatment will include an in-motion pass with BBL Hero. Then after that, settings to address redness, vessels, cherry angiomas, and pigment. Depending on how the patient’s skin has tolerated the treatment an optional photo-finish step is performed to stimulate more collagen. This can help with tightening the skin.

BBL Hero’s in-motion passes and speed also makes this an ideal treatment for other areas of the body. These include the neck, chest, arms, legs, and back. It allows for a multi-pass treatment to eliminate redness and pigmentation at a faster speed with less risk for striping and increased comfort. 

Pre/Post-Treatment for BBL & BBL Hero

Pre- and post-treatment instructions are similar for each service. Pre-treatment includes avoiding the sun for one month prior to treatment.  Post-treatment areas may be slightly red.  Cool compresses may be used in the treatment area. The pigment will darken. We recommend avoiding sun exposure for 2-4 weeks. SPF should be used daily. Flushing needs to be avoided for 48 hours (exercise, hot showers, sauna, sun, etc.). Additionally, it is important to not pick or scrub the treatment areas.

Multiple treatments may be necessary to reach your goals. These treatments can be spaced 2-4 weeks. After the initial treatments, maintenance treatments should be done at least once per year, but ideally 2-4 times per year.


If you have questions about this treatment and if it is the right treatment for you, give the office a call to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our medical providers. You can also fill out our new patient inquiry form here and we’ll call to get you scheduled here at our practice in Cincinnati, Ohio. Head to our BBL Hero page to learn more & see pricing!