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Winter Skincare Routine: AM & PM

February 2, 2023

Feeling a little lost on where to start with your winter skincare routine? We’ve got you covered! Our esthetician breaks down each step for both an AM and PM winter skincare routine. She also recommends some of her favorite products and what they help with! Looking for a complimentary skincare consultation in Cincinnati? Fill out our request an appointment form and we’ll be in touch!

Head to our products page for links to grab each of the skincare lines below!

By: Mackenzie, LE


AM Routine

Let’s start with a simple 4-step AM routine to start your day off right—hydrated and protected.

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing Gel from skinbetter: this is a gentle cleanser that is great for all skin types including compromised and sensitive skin. This is a great cleanser for all year round but especially during the winter time because the skin can tend to get irritated and dry. You just need a small pump of this cleanser. It foams up and leaves your skin feeling very clean.

Step 2: Vitamin C

Alto Advanced Defense and Repair Serum from skinbetter: This is a great source of vitamin C. This helps with any skin dullness and overtone in the skin. During the winter things can feel dull, especially on the skin. This will help give an overall brighter complexion.

Step 3: Moisturizer

Hydration Boosting Cream from skinbetterThis is a great source of hydration for the skin. Hydration boost is a lighter moisturizer that will still aid in lots of hydration. This is a great moisturizer to use in your AM routine if you like to wear makeup or don’t want that feeling of a weighed-down moisturizer on your skin throughout the day.

Step 4: SPF (Physical or Mineral)

Intellishade TruPhysical from Revision SkincareYES, you still need to use an SPF during winter even if the sun isn’t shining every day. Even though the sun’s rays may not feel warm or strong the ultraviolet rays continue to break down your skin cells at a faster rate no matter the season. Intellishade hydrates and moisturizes the skin barrier. 

Photo of Osea products lined up including Osea sea minerals mist, Osea essential corrective complex, Osea ocean cleansing milk, Osea undaria algae body oil, Osea ocean cleanser, and Osea atmosphere protection cream

Why Should You change your skincare routine for the winter?

During the warmer months, our bodies tend to lose some water and be extended, some hydration (mainly when we sweat). Light lotions help us to retain that moisture. Plus, during the summer there’s an excess of humidity which often protects us from losing even more moisture.

In the winter, however, the temperature drops, and with it goes that humidity. This, along with cold winds, indoor heating, and the wrong skincare routine, makes our bodies lose moisture a lot faster.

We then faced the dreaded dry, cracked, and chapped skin. Those with severe skin dryness as a concern already are even more at risk when the cold weather hits.

That’s why it’s important to switch up your products for the winter—even if just your cleansers and moisturizers. The important thing is that as the weather changes, so should your skincare routine.

PM Routine

Don’t skip your PM routines! It’s crucial to clean off all that dirt and oil built up on the skin during the day. It’ll help to reset and hydrate the skin overnight.

Step 1: Double Cleanse

I recommend a double cleanse for your PM routine—why? The first cleanse will help break down any dirt or debris that has formed throughout the day, especially if you wear makeup. Then that second cleanse helps to really clean the surface of your skin, allowing the rest of your products to penetrate deeper and work more effectively.

  • Ocean Milk Cleanser (first cleanse) from OSEAthis is a great first cleanser because it is a creamy cleanser that helps melt away any dirt or debris on the skin. As a double cleanser, this is great for all skin types, especially for dry or sensitive skin.
  • Cleansing Gel from skinbetter (second cleanse): refer back to the AM routine breakdown for why we love this cleanser!

Step 2: Exfoliating Peel Pads

AlphaRet Exfoliating Peel Pads (use 2x a week) from skinbetterthese peel pads are great for exfoliating that dead skin off. I suggest using these 2 times a week due to the combination of retinoid and AHA in this product. It will help improve the appearance of skin smoothness and clarity.

Step 3: Retinol

Intensive AlphaRet Overnight Cream from skinbetterthis is a hydrating product that’s made up of retinoids and AHA. This helps with the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. DISCLAIMER: if you experience any dryness with this product drawback to 3 times a week but this product itself also aids in hydration.

Step 4: Moisturizer

Trio Rebalancing Moisturizer from skinbetterthis is a great overnight moisturizer. It really hydrates the skin. It supports healthier-looking skin and helps the appearance of skin radiance.

Optional Step for Dry Skin (PM Routine)

For a little extra body hydration, try this Undaria Algae Body Butter (from OSEA) with a couple of drops of the Undaria Algae Body Oil (also from OSEA). This combo is amazing for the body. Especially during those colder months when your skin tends to get dry and flaky from the cold weather. Give it a try!

Need Help With Your Skincare Routine?

Here in Cincinnati, we offer complimentary skincare consultations to help you along in your journey. We’ll take photos using our VISIA Facial Analysis System—which allows you to really see what’s going on underneath the surface of your skin. This helps us create a more individualized treatment or product plan for your skin type and concerns!

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