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Your Guide to Healthy Summer Skin

June 12, 2023

With summer in full swing, there’s no better time than now to make sure you have a healthy skincare plan to complement the warmer weather. Making adjustments to your routine is typical when living in a city that experiences such varying seasons throughout the year.  These adjustments may mean lifestyle changes, swapping out skincare products, or scheduling different in-office treatments.  Here is a breakdown of how to keep your skin glowing all season long—healthy summer skin awaits!

By: Kaitlyn Hunter, NP


Mineral or Physical SPF: All Day, Every Day

One of the most obvious factors for healthy summer skin is a high-quality, medical-grade, mineral/physical sunscreen.  Mineral and physical sunscreens create a physical barrier on the skin so UV rays physically cannot penetrate through into the skin.  Mineral and physical sunscreens are what we apply to babies’ and children’s skin because it is the best! 

The opposite of mineral and physical sunscreens are chemical sunscreens.  These make up the majority of the easily accessible sunscreens at the drug store.  Chemical sunscreens offer no physical barrier to the skin so UV rays can easily penetrate.  Once in the skin, UV rays need to be converted to heat.  Heat exacerbates a lot of skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, and melasma.  In addition, there are many active ingredients in chemical sunscreens that stimulate the production of free radicals, damaging the skin. 

a photo of someone holding Skin Better Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment

Cleanser, Vitamin C, and Moisturizer 

Outside of SPF, it is important to find a good cleanser, vitamin c, and moisturizer. A cleanser with Beta Hydroxy Acids and Alpha Hydroxy Acids will keep the skin fresh and the pores clean. Vitamin C is one of the best products for the skin, as it (1) Protects the skin from UV rays, blue light, and free radicals and it (2) brightens the skin. There are not many products that have important dual functions for the skin. 

My person favorite is Alto Advanced by SkinBetter Science. Alto Advanced offers intrinsic and extrinsic protection from free radicals. It also is loaded with 19 antioxidants to help fight off free radicals and keep the skin safe and healthy. It is important to note that there are hundreds, if not thousands of Vitamin C products available. Vitamin C is not a product you want to skimp on. Cheaper Vitamin C products are very abrasive to the skin and can cause quite a bit of irritation. It is ideal to use only medical-grade Vitamin C products.

Moisturizer is the last step in a routine prior to sunscreen.  Not only do medical-grade moisturizers hydrate the skin, they also offer many anti-aging ingredients to nourish the skin. Those with naturally oily or acne-prone skin may stop using moisturizer in the summer. However, when the skin is not hydrated enough, the skin will produce more oil. This increased oil production will make the skin more prone to pore congestion and breakouts. We love Trio from SkinBetter Science!

Maintain Consistent Facial Treatments

In-office facials will keep your skin decongested and exfoliated.  There are restrictions on services that can be done when the skin is tanned, so it is best to schedule monthly facials and save your laser appointments for late fall or winter.  At Atalo Aesthetics, the HydraFacials are our most sought summer facial option.  HydraFacials use Vortex Fusion to remove impurities and provide the skin with enriching serums.  I highly suggest adding a Dermaplane to your HydraFacial service for the ultimate treatment- your skin will be left glowing!

Check out our video here breaking down how best to space out aesthetic treatments throughout the year!

Other Ways to Protect Your Skin This Summer  

Outside of skincare products and treatments, there are additional things to practice to ensure healthy skin all summer long.  When outside for a prolonged period of time, it is best to wear a hat to protect the face.  A wide-brimmed hat is the most ideal when at the pool, lake, or beach.  Search for hats that have UPF in them to provide your skin with the best protection.  I highly suggest purchasing a long sleeve shirt with UPF in it as well to protect your chest and shoulders from prolonged exposure to UV rays.


If you’re unsure where to start, find a local professional near you to help develop a summer skincare plan.  Here at Atalo Aesthetics, our providers offer complimentary skincare consultations. We will work with you to create a plan for your skin concerns and your budget!