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Lash & Brow

Realize your dream of having fuller, darker, healthier lashes or brows. We offer:

  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyebrow Tinting
  • Eyelash Lifts and Eyelash Tinting

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Lash & Brow Treatment Options

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Eyelash Lift & Tint

Eyelash tinting is a great option for those who have light-colored lashes. Just like eyebrow tinting, eyelash tinting is a semi-permanent option that lasts around 3-4 weeks.

The next step up from simply tinting your eyelashes is the eyelash lift. An eyelash lift is an easy solution for those who want to darken and curl their existing upper lashes without the maintenance of lash extensions. Getting the eyelash lift and eyelash tint service together will save you money – with only needing to have one appointment rather than the two services separately.

  • Commitment? On average, a lash lift and tint takes around 45-60 minutes and can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks.s are recommended every two weeks to maintain fullness. Our licensed esthetician will work with you to determine how often you will need fills.
  • Results? Immediate. This option is still very natural-looking, but it has a little more oomph than the regular lift. Unlike the tint, the curl is only for the upper lashes.

Eyelash tinting with an eyelash lift is the best option for those who have light-colored lashes that aren’t as noticeable or curly as they want them to be. So if you’re using mascara to color and curl your lashes, this is the treatment you’ll want to try. It’s less expensive than lash extensions and requires less upkeep, but the lash lift and lash tint together give you more noticeable results than just an eyelash tint service alone. 

There is no pre-care required. For a full post-treatment plan, please refer to your patient portal. Some possible side effects include:

  • Irritation, itching, or  burning
  • Temporary residual dark staining
  • Gradual fading with direct sunlight exposure and time

eyelash lift & tint Pricing

Lash Tinting$30
Lash Lift$70
Lash Lift & Tint$85

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is a quick, easy, and hassle-free solution to darken your eyebrows. Much like hair dye, eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent solution (often a vegetable-based dye) that can last for weeks. One eyebrow tinting treatment takes about 20 minutes and we recommend re-tinting every 3-4 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Why eyebrow tinting?

  • Darken light brow hair
  • No more daily brow fill-ins
  • Brow tinting makes your arches look thicker

What are some other benefits of tinting your eyebrows?

  • Low cost
  • Commitment? Low. No downtime, no at-home maintenance required. Simply stop in every 3-4 weeks for a 15-minute touch-up.
  • Results? Immediate. This is a great way to get darker brows that still look natural.

Eyebrow tinting is the best option for women who have full, but light-colored eyebrows. If you spend part of your morning penciling in your eyebrows, this is a great option to save time!

eyebrow & lash tinting Pricing

Brow Tinting$25

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes, making them darker, fuller, thicker, curlier, and/or longer than your natural eyelashes. The semi-permanent eyelash extensions can be made of mink, horsehair, or synthetic materials and are applied individually to the lash line with glue. 

Most clients can expect to see their eyelash appearance improve immediately, with lashes that are around 30-50% thicker and 20-50% longer. Eyelash extensions are the best option for women who want to go “all in” with their lashes and ditch the mascara, lash curler, and daily fake lashes every morning. It is possible to wake up with natural-looking or luxurious lashes!

The first eyelash extension treatment (a full set) takes about 2 hours. Touch-up eyelash extension appointments (known as an “eyelash fill”) take about an hour. Eyelash extension removal only takes 15 minutes. We recommend touch-ups every 2-3 weeks. Eyelash extensions typically last 6-8 weeks, but due to your natural lash growth cycle, you will need touch-ups every couple of weeks to maintain fullness. Our licensed cosmetologist and esthetician will work with you to determine how often you will need eyelash extension refills.

Eyelash Extension Pricing

Full Set “Classic” Lashes$190
Less than 13-Day Fill$60
2-3 Week Fill$80

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is the simple and painless cosmetic process of lifting and straightening the hairs on your eyebrows. A medical solution will be applied to your brows which then allows the provider to shape and straighten the brows to your desired look. 

Why Brow Lamination?

  • Eyebrows will look fuller and lifted
  • Non-invasive
  • Easier to manage the smooth appearance of brows 
  • Cheaper alternative to microblading

You’ll see immediate results, noticing the appearance of thicker brows as soon as your treatment is done. This is also a low-commitment service, with touch-ups needed just every 4 weeks.

Brow Lamination Pricing

Brow Lamination
(comes with a tint & wax)


Tinting is a great option for many people, but our licensed cosmetologist and esthetician will discuss your health and beauty history with you prior to your first session to ensure your goals can be achieved.

Call us to schedule an appointment or fill out our Request an Appointment form to set up a complimentary consultation.

Your natural lashes will not be damaged by eyelash extensions when applied properly! Your lashes always go through a natural cycle where they fall out regularly, so this can sometimes be confused with damage from the extensions as your lashes go through the cycle while they are on. We’ll provide you with proper aftercare and cleaning tips to ensure your lashes stay health

The most important thing to avoid is getting your extensions wet within the first 48 hours following your application. Water will break down the glue that binds the extensions to your real lashes. We recommend that you avoid any activities where you could sweat or risk getting water on your eyes. It’s best to shower prior to your appointment and wait at least 24 hours before showering again!

It is highly recommended that you arrive at your appointment with clean skin and no traces of makeup! If not, it could decrease the success of your application. You cannot get your eyelashes wet if you’re having extensions applied, so it would be difficult to remove any makeup around your eye area. If you’re not having any lash services done, then it’s okay to shower and apply makeup after having a brow tinting service.

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